Pet Wellness Veterinary Center is excited to offer wellness, illness/injury, emergency, surgical care to your pets and large animals.

Wellness Care

Laser therapy using a Companion Therapy Laser unit

Dental Cleanings

Full surgical services

Reproduction services

In house X-ray, Ultrasound and Blood machines

Canine reproduction procedures including timed AI, surgical AI, semen analysis, scheduled c-sections, etc. 

We are working hard to provide you with affordable care that is equal quality to any veterinary clinic. We need the community support to keep going! There is a $35-50 exam fee for sick pets in addition to their needed medications and further diagnostics.

We are excited to carry several flea/tick and heartworm prevention products. Guaranteed to compete with all online pharmacy prices.

How You Can Help Improve Your Pets Veterinary Visit

It is our goal to provided necessary care for our canine and feline patients. However, not every pet is excited to come see the veterinarian! Here are some helpful tips to make the visit easier for all involved!

  • Bring your pet in hungry! The fastest way for our staff to make friends with your pet is by giving them a treat! You can bring their favorite treat from home too, but allow the veterinarian or technician to give the treat to your pet!
  • Make the carrier part of the normal home environment – not a scary, dark box they only see when something bad is coming!
  • Use feline pheromone wipes inside the carrier before putting your cat friend inside the box! These can be picked up from us in advance of your visit or at a local pet supply store.
  • Play calming music in the car (classical?) and drive carefully! Many of our pets get nervous in the car or car sick!
  • Fill out your new patient forms in advance so your pet has less time to wait!
  • Some patients are more at ease away from their owner or the children in the family! If the doctor or technician recommend you and your family leave the pet with us for a few minutes we are doing this in an effort to help your pet. We did not dedicate our lives to harming any of our patients just because you are away. If you have concerns, please voice them to the team!
  • If you know ahead of time that your pet is going to be extremely scared/anxious call us! We can provide a premedication for you to administer at home that may make the visit better for all involved.
  • We do reserve the right to decline service to any patient who is too aggressive to handle that day. If you feel your pet will need special handling, please let us know ahead of time.
  • And most important – Remain Calm! Your pet can sense your stress and anxiety so come in happy and as stress free as possible. We want this to be a great visit for everyone!

Types of Pets Seen

Pet Wellness Veterinary Center provides care for:

  • Dogs
  • Cats
  • Horses
  • Cattle
  • Pigs
  • Rabbits/Hamsters/etc

*Call ahead for more information about other pets.


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